Yocan Loaded Kit

Yocan Loaded Kit

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Introducing the Yocan Loaded, the latest concentrate vaporizer to be added to Yocan's already astounding arsenal. The Loaded integrates some new features, such as an extendable/retractable mouth piece, extremely easy coil changing capabilities, and two different styles of coil to suit all your concentrate needs. Coils available are a QUAD similar to the Evolve Plus XL, as well as a Quartz Dual Coil (QDC). Changing the coil has become even easier now, as Yocan has now added a "door" that swivels open, allowing you to pop an old coil out and put a new one in, in seconds.

Kits Contents:

1* Loaded Vaporizer
1* QUAD Coil
1* QDC Coil
1* Tool
1* Micro USB
1* User Manual