Online Age Verification Procedure

The sale of vapor products is prohibited to anyone under the age of 19 years old in Ontario.

To ensure Vapours Canada upholds safe-selling practices, we utilize a secure system know as Inverite to confirm your identity and ensure you are of legal age when placing your first order. When your ID is confirmed as legitimate, your account is marked as verified. Vapours Canada will not request ID on any future orders.

The process is extremely simple, you will receive an email after placing your first order requesting your ID to be provided to Inverite, along with a photo of yourself. Inverite then matches the picture and address on your ID to the picture you provide and the address on your order, along with the DOB stated on your ID, to verify you are of legal age. This can be easily done using your cell phone camera. 

This process is entirely automated and handled by Inverite Software. Meaning, none of our staff ever see your ID. Your identification is never shared or stored, and is immediately destroyed upon confirmation. 

If you are not comfortable submitting your ID for verification, or if you are unable to, please contact Customer Service at or (905) 438-9494 (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday).