The Vapours Canada Story

Like all great stories, ours started with a few friends. When we were unable to find the clean vaping experience we were looking for, we decided to create our own. Now we source and craft the highest quality vape juice, devices and accessories out there.

For us, it’s not about meeting standards. We are here to exceed them for our fellow Canadians. We know our customers have taken the first step towards an alternative smoking experience and we owe it to them to create a community where they can find the high quality, clean vaping products they are looking for.

We’ve hinged our reputation on it. That’s why we offer a 90 day satisfaction guarantee on most e-cigarette products from Vapours Canada. 

The Best Way to Vape

The e-cigarette and vaping market has grown tenfold as savvy smokers look for alternatives to traditional cigarettes. These appealing battery-powered products turn vape juice into colourless vapour with no tobacco, smoke or messy ash. 

No two vape devices are made equal. They come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and performance levels. However, with the rapid expansion of the industry low-quality products have begun to permeate the market. With that in mind, it can be difficult to pinpoint premium vaporizers from low class “puffers.”

We are here to make the distinction for you. Vapours Canada vows to only provide our customers with top-performing products from the industry’s best manufacturers. Smok, Geekvape, Innokin, UWELL, Aspire, and Voopoo are amongst them.

This guarantee extends to our wide array of vaping accessories. We carry all the vape mods, batteries, atomizers, cartridges and vape coils that you need to make your device truly top-notch.

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