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Flavour Beast Pod Pack (Excise Version)
Flavour Beast Pod Pack (Excise Version)
Flavour Beast Pod Pack (Excise Version)
Flavour Beast Pod Pack (Excise Version)
Flavour Beast Pod Pack (Excise Version)

Flavour Beast Pod Pack (Excise Version)

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All Flavour Beast Pod Packs receive a $3.00 federal excise tax on top of their regular $14.99 retail price, bringing the new retail price to $17.99.

STLTH and ALLO compatible! 

Attention all vapers! Now introducing state of the art, Flavour Beast Pods!

Brought to you by the creators of Allo and Envi, these new pods are engineered for phenomenal flavour and unparalleled performance for your favourite closed pod systems. Full equipped with 2ml of astonishing and sensational flavours, matched with a first-class freshness seal. 


  • STLTH and ALLO compatible
  • Three 2ml pods per pack
  • Freshness seal on each pod (Remove and wait 30sec before using to allow the coil to saturate)


  • Blazin' Banana Blackberry: Blaze up the night with enormous ripe bananas and bangin' blackberries!
  • Blessed Blueberry Mint Iced: Mint fresh blend with an icy blast of fresh blueberries
  • Bomb Blue Razz: Grab a handful of delicious blueberries and tangy raspberries for the ultimate berry bomb!
  • Bussin Banana: Search no more for the best tasting banana flavour around
  • Extreme Mint: Caution, this potent minty fresh flavour is not for the weak. It's not strong, its EXTREME.
  • Famous Fruit KO: Perfectly balanced fruit medley. The champion of all fruit juices!
  • Flippin' Fruit Flash: Taste handfuls of an exquisite fruit fusion that has all the colours of the rainbow!
  • Mad Mango Peach: Taste the madness with a powerful combination of succulent mangoes and sweet peaches!
  • Packin' Peach Berry: This magnificent blend is packed with juicy peaches delightfully paired with the best berries around. 
  • Slammin’ STS (Sour Snap): Enjoy an abundance of slammin' flavour twistin' goodness
  • Watermelon G: Classic watermelon gummies.
  • Wild White Grape: Sweet, perfectly ripe white grapes.