What are the Excise Tax fees in my cart at checkout/on my receipt?

Excise tax was implemented by the federal government on vaping products nationwide some time ago. This tax is only applied to liquids and pre-filled products and is determined by volume. This excise tax does not apply to hardware such as devices, coils, etc. Previously these charges were worked in to our retail price, but we have since separated it in an effort to allow customers to accurately see where their money is going when they buy from us.

How is the Excise Tax fee calculated?

Excise is determined by volume. The rate is as follows for federal excise: $1.00 per 2ml of liquid for the first 10ml, followed by $1.00 for every additional 10ml thereafter.

  • 30ml Bottle - $7.00
  • 60ml Bottle - $10.00
  • 120ml Bottle - $16.00

On July 1st 2024, Ontario and Quebec will be implementing their own provincial framework for excise tax which will double the current rate (Ex: 30ml bottle - $7.00 federal + $7.00 provincial for a total of $14.00 in excise charges).

Do you have stores where I can purchase items in person?

Yes! We have multiple Vapours Canada locations accross Ontario. These locations carry all the same items you see here on our website. You can also check their current stock of any product by using the "Stock by Location" tool located on each product page. 

How long does it take for my order to leave your facility?

We do our best to turn around orders as quickly as possible. Orders placed Monday to Friday before 2pm EST ship the same day. Any orders placed after 2pm EST ship the following business day.

How long will it take for my order to arrive once it has shipped?

Ship times depend on location, as well as courrier chosen and their current volume. Most orders within Canada take no longer than three business days to arrive once they have left our warehouse. If you experience a delay of four days or longer, please reach out to our customer service line so we may investigate for you.

Im having trouble with the device I purchased from you. What do I do?

It's always best to contact us if you are having issues with your device. We're always willing to assist. If the device is malfunctioning and was bought within the last 90 days, we may be able to provide a warranty for it. 

The details of our warranty policy can be found here