Proposed Flavour Ban from the Canadian Government

Once again, we find ourselves facing a ban of all flavoured vaping products. Previously we dealt with this on a provincial level. Ontario has tried numerous times to push through regulation that would eradicate flavoured vaping products in the province, none of which were successful. This is now being proposed at the Federal level. Meaning all flavoured vaping products, nationwide, are at risk. 

Regulation of the Vape Industry is something we support wholeheartedly. Whatever the government feels they need to do to ensure our products are safe and sold safely we cooperate with. Something we will not do is stand by while our industry is blatantly destroyed by individuals with little to no understanding of our practices.

What Can You Do to Help?

The best thing you can do is ensure your voice is heard. Email your local MP, Health Minister, Party Leader, and let them know that you vape and you do not support the proposed ban of flavoured vaping products. You, the consumer, are every vape companies biggest asset.

Although most companies are apart of advocacy groups, such as the Canadian Vaping Association (CVA) which lobby on our behalf regarding regulations, the government views our arguments as biased. As we have something to lose with the ban of flavours. Fair. But what they fail to realize is every single vaper in the country has something to lose with the ban of flavours. 

Pre-drafted Email Template - 

Below you will find a link to the Tobacco Kills email form. This form requires nothing but your name, email, and home address. An email is then sent to your local MP, based off the address you list, voicing your concern with the proposed ban. The goal is to exceed at least 250,000 sent emails. Please, take a moment to fill out this form and help save vaping. 



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