Nationwide Nicotine Cap of 20MG

On June 23rd the Canadian Government will be introducing a new vaping regulation that caps nicotine content at 20mg across the country. Retailers will have 30 days to comply. Meaning as of July 23rd 2021, we will no longer be permitted to sell any products with a content higher than 20mg.

This includes STLTH, Allo, Envi, Dinner Lady and Salt Gods. You will still be able to purchase these brands in the 20mg strength. 

Effects of the 20mg Nicotine Cap

Salt Gods will be reformulated immediately to meet the new regulations. We assume that STLTH and other disposable brands are already in the midst of this.

Effective immediately, Vapours Canada will be ceasing all restocks on high nicotine products. We currently hold quite a large stock, but once the stock depletes, they will be gone. We highly encourage our customers to stock up if they plan on continuing to use high concentrate nicotine products past July 23rd.

If you have any questions regarding this new regulation please contact us via email at or by telephone at 905-438-9494.

We appreciate your understanding.


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