Vape Excise Tax

Governments around the world have been implementing excise taxes on vape products. As of January 1, this tax became mandatory in Canada. All vaping products are required to have the vaping excise stamp and will be subjected to the subsequent tax. 

The excise tax applies to all liquids, including pre-filled pods and disposables. 

Vape Excise Tax

The breakdown of the excise tax on vaping liquids in Canada is as follows:

$1.00 per 2ml for the first 10ml (essentially a $5.00 flat rate). Followed by $1.00 for every additional 10ml. As a reflection of this tax, the price of your favourite Vapours products will change in the following ways.


30ML Bottle - $17.99 (Retail) + $7.00 (Excise) = $24.99 (New Retail Price)
60ML Bottle - $29.99 (Retail) + $10.00 (Excise) = $39.99 (New Retail Price)


30ML Bottle - $21.99 (Retail) + $7.00 (Excise) = $28.99 (New Retail Price)


Flavour Beast Flow - $22.99 (Retail) + $5.00 (Excise) = $27.99 (New Retail Price)
Flavour Beast Pods - $14.99 (Retail) + $3.00 (Excise) = $17.99 (New Retail Price)
Allo Ultra 2500 - $21.99 (Retail) + $5.00 (Excise) = $26.99 (New Retail Price) 


It's unfortunate that society is penalizing those who have sought out a smoking cessation device. This new vape excise tax will continue to affect many Canadians who use their devices regularly.

How to Save

The excise tax is unavoidable however there are still ways to save. At Vapours Canada, we offer free shipping on orders of $75 dollars or more, and we usually have a healthy stock of clearance e-juice and hardware for you to enjoy.