Make the Change™ Vaping to Quit Smoking With Vapours Canada

Man breaking cigarette in half

Make the Change™ With Vapours Canada

Wean off burners for good. When you join Vapours Canada's Make the Change program, we set you up with a starter vape kit and customize the level of nicotine in your e-juice based on your prior smoking habit. Our staff are some of the best in the industry, and know how to get new vapers up and running on the perfect device. 

To get started, dump your cigs at one of our six retail locations across Southern Ontario. Our friendly staff will hook you up with a vape and help you choose the perfect e-juice flavour.

When you use vaping to quit smoking you don’t need to quit cold turkey. Our vape juice is simply made with fewer toxins than traditional cigarettes.

Save money, smoke cleaner. There is no better time to Make the Change™.