Canadian Excise Tax

You may have seen information recently regarding the Federal Governments intention to implement an excise tax on vaping products. This is tax will require all vaping products sold within Canada to be excise stamped. Similar to the stamps found on cannabis and tobacco products.

Manufacturers will begin stamping products as of October 1st, 2022. 

*Consumers will not be charged excise tax until January 1, 2023*

The details of the tax are as follows: 

  • $1.00 per 2ml of liquid for the first 10ml ($5.00)
  • Followed by $1.00 for every additional 10ml 

For example:  

  • 30ml bottle of e-liquid would receive a $5.00 tax for its first 10ml, followed by another $2.00 for the additional 20ml. A total of $7.00 in tax. 
  • 60ml bottle of e-liquid would receive a $5.00 tax for its first 10ml, follow by another $5.00 for the additional 50ml. A total of $10.00 in tax.  
  • An Envi Apex 2500 disposable device has a total of 6ml of liquid. The Apex would receive a $3.00 tax
  • Allo Sync pod packs contain three pre-filled 2ml pods. A total of 6ml of e-liquid in each pack. This would also receive a $3.00 tax.

Only e-liquid and products containing e-liquid (Pre-filled pods, disposables) will be subject to the excise tax. Hardware (open pod systems, refillable systems, kits, coils, pods) will not be affected.