Does Vape Juice Expire? What You Need to Know About How Long e-Liquids Last

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Solid vape juice can take your vaping experience from good to great. They typically come in a ton of great flavours and can help you achieve the cloud cover and intensity you desire. But have you ever wondered if vape juices expire? 

Just like any food or drink product, vape juice can expire. However, the liquid expiration date and how long it lasts is a different thing entirely. To keep your e-liquid fresh you'll need to understand what your vape juice is made of and how to store it properly. 

Does Vape Juice Expire?

Every consumable item, including vape juice, has an expiration date since it contains food-based ingredients that can go bad. Expiration dates can typically be found on the bottom of your e-liquid bottle. The expiration date for vape juice is usually between 1-2 years from the date the juice has been manufactured. 

The presence of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) in your vape juice helps to extend the established shelf life for years. It is the flavourings and oxidizing nicotine that will tend to turn your e-liquids rancid or unpleasant.

Can Vape Juice Go Bad Before the Expiration Date?

Yes, vape juice can go bad before its expiry date. The date on your bottle is only an estimation of how long it will last if you properly store your e-liquid. Direct sunlight can zap your vape juice of flavour and too much heat or air can start to oxidize the nicotine which will break down flavourings in your e-liquid if it is not stored correctly.

How to Tell if Your Vape Juice is Expired?

Vape juice that has gone bad is no fun to vape. One of the tell-tale signs of expired e-liquid is the smell. It will not always smell significantly or badly. If you open your bottle and your vape juice smells different than before, it might be time to go.

Other signs include if your juice loses flavour, or there is a change in the performance or cloud density of your device. If your vape liquid is not mixing, you might need to invest in a new bottle. It is natural for there to be a separation of the liquid in your bottle as denser elements sink to the bottom but if you shake your vaping liquid and it does not blend then chances are you are looking at expired juice.

Can You Vape Expired e-Liquid?

Like any expiration date, the date on your e-liquid bottle is a guideline for how long the product will maintain its quality. It will not instantly go off on the date of expiration but we wouldn't recommend vaping past it.

A lot of research goes into determining expiration dates so that your product maintains its quality over the course of its shelf life. Even if your vape doesn't spoil after the expiry dates, the liquid will start to lose flavour and integrity. Any vape liquids manufactures can not guarantee the quality of the product after that date. 

If you choose to vape past the expiry date of your e-liquids, then use your senses to determine if the liquid is spoiled or not. The same goes for e-juice that is not past the expiration date but has not been stored properly. Don't attempt to vape e-liquid from an old bottle that has been tampered with. 

What is Vape Juice Made Of?

Vape juice is made up of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavourings and optional nicotine. There is a delicate balance of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, to make up the vaping experience that is right for you. 

Vegetable glycerin generally contributes to a silky smooth hit. Higher VG products produce more vapour on exhale and are balanced by the level of nicotine in your vape juice. It can be identified as the thick liquid at the base of your juice and makes up one of the three most important components of e-liquid. 

Propylene Glycol delivers a “cigarette style” hit - without the chemicals you’re Making the Change to avoid. It is a harmless substance that is used in other devices like asthma inhalers.

Natural and artificial flavourings differ by producer and will contribute to how long your vape juice will last. Nicotine is not always included in e-liquids, if you choose an e-liquid from Vapours Canada you can specify your nicotine content and it will be added before the e-juice is shipped out.

How to Store e-Liquid Properly?

We recommend storing your vape juice in a cool, dark place and not opening your liquid until you are ready to use it. Air can get into the bottle and deteriorate the quality of your vape liquid quicker than if you left it unopened. 

Lots of vapers swear by storing e-liquid in the freezer or fridge. However, a dark cabinet away from the direct sunlight counts as proper storage, too.

Does Some e-Liquid Last Longer Than Others? 

Yes, premium vape juice from producers like Vapours Canada will typically last longer than industry imitators who use low-quality products and flavourings in their vape juice. Lower quality producers have also been known to add harmful additives like Vitamin E Acetate.

At Vapours, we are so committed to purity. So much so that we have made it impossible to mix Vitamin E Acetate into our vape juice. Since Vitamin E Acetate is an oil-based substance it won’t blend into our premium e-juice mixtures.

At Vapours Canada, we refine your vaping experience with sweetener-free e-liquid which surpasses market standards. All juice is custom brewed in an ISO9001 grade cleanroom and is rigorously tested by not only us but third-party and government agencies who are committed to your well-being. Browse our wide selection of vape juice flavours now or level up vape with a new device or accessories


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